Flourishing Worksheets GROUP 1

This workbook contains the Group 1 Capital letters.

Letters: B, P, R, O, Q

  • 20 different variations for group 1 letters
  • Detailed explanation of the strokes and design choice
  • Practice pages with guidelines
  • Traceable letters
  • Can be reprinted as many times as you like

CA$10.56 CA$7.92

Size: A4

Downloadable link will be emailed to you upon ordering.

You may download as many times as you like before the expiry date (1 year)

There are five groups in total available for purchase, based on their letterforms.

Group 1: B P R O Q

Group 2: T F I J H

Group 3: A L K M N

Group 4: C E G D S

Group 5: U V W X Y Z

Please note all downloadable products are NOT refundable.


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