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Charlotte Xu is the calligrapher and creator behind Charlart Script. She is a classical pointed pen calligrapher based in Melbourne. Working from her home studio, she provides calligraphy services to clients around the world.

The journey with the pen…

Her calligraphy style centres around classical Copperplate Script and Spencerian Script. She initially developed her strong foundations in pointed pen calligraphy by self-studying from the original American penmanship manuals, and later on, through classes with world renowned calligraphers. Today, she combines her eye for modern minimalistic style with her traditional hand to create elegant bespoke stationeries and artworks for private weddings, corporate events, brand activations and more.

Currently Charlotte has a global audience of over 300k on social media and over 10 million video views. Her work has been loved and featured on many pages and magazines including Buzzfeed, Architecture & Design, WedLuxe Magazine and more. As one of the main calligraphy figures in Australia, her work has also been endorsed by public figures such as George Takei and Kelly Slater.

In addition to her client work, Charlotte wishes to help others learn this art by regularly giving tips and small instructional videos on her Instagram. In 2016 she also stepped into the teaching world, running calligraphy classes locally in Melbourne.

Charlotte is also a member of the International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH) and Calligraphy Society of Victoria (CSV).

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Charlart Script
Charlart Script

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