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Introduction to Calligraphy Workshop


10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Sunday 24th of March, 2019

The Circle CoWork, Collingwood, VIC, 3066

Instructor: Charlotte Xu

Workshop will gift all supplies and worksheets

See full workshop details below

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What is it? A pointed pen consists of a pointed ‘nib’ and a pen holder, the nib flexes and produces thin to thick lines based on the precise pressure applied to it. This special pen is used to produce beautiful traditional and modern scripts used in elegant wedding invitations, certificates, and many projects from small to large.

During this 3-hour introductory workshop, I will be guiding you through the fundamentals of Pointed Pen calligraphy. Whether your intention is to learn a traditional script or modern calligraphy, or whether just to learn a new skill, I will be teaching you the proper posture, positioning and movements that will help you get started in writing calligraphy.

One-on-one Guidance

The most valuable part of my in-person workshops is the one-on-one guidance you get to receive to help you start your journey in the right direction. While some online videos and courses may be able to provide you with knowledge, it is when we try to put our knowledge to practice that common practical mistakes began to arise, and often you may not become aware until much later on. Once bad habits are formed, such as incorrectly gripping the pen, incorrect posture and manipulation of the nib, they can be hard to change. That’s why I have constructed this workshop, with a very limited number students per class, to ensure that each one of you receives plenty of one-on-one time to go through progress, problems and questions.

Who is this class for?

  • Complete beginners (you’re serious about calligraphy, or if you’re just hoping to learn a new skill for your future creative projects)
  • If you have some experience in calligraphy but are facing problems and seeking some one-on-one guidance. Problems may be ink flow, posture/positions, correctly using your tools and more, or
  • If you have experience in calligraphy but haven’t practiced it in a long time and want to refresh your knowledge and skills with proper guidance.


  • Supplies and Preparing your tools
  • Positioning to Posture
  • Fundamental strokes and exercises
  • Common mistakes and problems
  • Lower case alphabet

All materials will be provided, including your own Calligraphy Essentials Kit to take home.

My-hand selected Calligraphy Essentials Kit includes:

  • MOblique Pen Holder in the colour of your choice.
  • A professional pointed nib and a vintage nib
  • High quality paper pad by Rhodia, in addition to practice paper
  • DIY Walnut ink

Refreshments and drinks will be provided throughout the session.

No experience required!

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Choose Moblique

English Rose, Dead Sea Clay, Golden Sunshine, Copper Sunrise, Moonlight Shadow, Purple Sand, Silver Storm