The Art of Flourishing Workshop


10:00 am – 1:30 pm

Sunday, 14th of July


The Circle Collingwood


Charlotte Xu

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Enter the world of calligraphy flourishing and elevate your script with this in-depth Flourishing Workshop.  Flourishing is one of my favourite things to do in calligraphy. So many people wows at the sight of flourished calligraphy, but many also end up feeling frustrated as they try to attempt recreate and integrate beautiful flourishes into their work.

Fortunately, flourishing can be learned by anyone. Over the years, I have studied many different types of flourishing, curve structures and what makes a combination of lines beautiful to the eye. In this workshop, I will be unravelling the hidden rules governing beautiful flourishes as well as my personal approach to flourishing.

I will be teaching you not just how to flourish, but a set of skills that do not set boundaries, create endless possibilities, and an eye that will forever change the way you see flourishing.

Basic calligraphy experience is required. We will not be covering the basics of pointed pen calligraphy.

You will be provided with:

  • A pointed nib
  • A bottle of ink

Along with worksheets and practice paper. If you require a pen holder, contact me to purchase one at a discounted rate!


  • The hidden rules governing beautiful flourishing
  • Understanding the relationship between line and space
  • Uppercase flourishing
  • Lowercase flourishing
  • Ornamental calligraphy

You are free to also bring your own pens, nibs and inks.

Refreshments and drinks will be provided throughout the workshop.


Workshop Ticket Cancellation Policy